New direction for site

Well, it has been a little over 13 years since my last post but not much has changed. I’m a slow builder.

Originally this site was focused on modular railroading, predominately in On30. Most of the posts and a long entry on the Tombstone and Quaymas Railroad were the result. The idea was to build a sectional/modular railroad where one piece of the layout would be a module for use at shows and would be part of the layout at home. The reality is that I very rarely go to shows and don’t really have the flexibility to schedule going to one. The entire idea has been mothballed.

In 2011 I built a small Christmas Village layout for display during the Christmas season. Since then the layout slowly evolved to be more of a ceramic building layout with the only Christmas part being some of the decorations on the buildings, a skating rink and the ability to add a dozen or so Christmas season little people to the layout.

The layout is now evolving into a small layout with laser kit type structures and will serve as a platform to improve my modeling skills. This blog is meant to help keep me motivated.