Rusty Stumps – Fall Creek Freight Station

The Rusty Stumps Scale Models Fall Creek Freight Station was the second laser kit I built. It goes together easily and is very well built. It feels like you could drop it without damage.

I did not clean up the char on the door and window frames, I thought I liked the look but now I regret it and will try to clean it up later. I mounted the support frame to a 1/64″ plywood sheet so that I could move the station without damaging the supports. They are well designed and sturdy but no reason to take chances. I did not paint this model. The “paint” is Bragdon weathering powders. I was going for a well kept but sun-bleached look.

I added a balsa frame at the top of the office area as a test to see what could be seen through the doors/windows. I may add a rafter system if/when I detail the interior and add lighting. The station just sits on the platform because I glued the supports to the plywood. This allows me to move the building to the workbench for more work without disrupting the scenery blending, whenever that happens. I also left the roof removable so that I could add interior details later.

This was a fairly easy build and a wonderful kit. My only issue is that since it was my first building with a track platform I did not consider the height of the platform. To make matters worse, I did not put my rail on any kind of roadbed, it is directly on the foam. Consequently my platform is too high for my 18 foot Bachmann cars and way too high for my Chivers cars. I intend to lower the area for the freight station below track level to fix this. I don’t want to modify the platform for this layout as the layout is really a learning layout and probably not my “final” layout.

The kit also comes with an outhouse and a very nice collection of freight. It also includes very nice laser cut signs for Fall Creek

First test fit during assembly
First test fit during assembly
The support frame, platform and ramp
Trackside view during assembly
Roadside view during assembly
Interior view with added balsa ceiling beams
Overhead during assembly, all of the pictured freight, but not the figures, came with the kit
Setting in its probable final location, but lowered about 3/32″
The outhouse
With other structures
Just waiting for the new tracks

Other Structures

Banta – Crossing Shanty
Banta – Branchline Water Tower
Stoney Creek – Country Church
B.T.S. – Flagstop Station
Wild West – Don’s Dry Goods
Wild West – Slim’s Shoe Shop
B.T.S. – WSLCo Camp Reynolds Tank Shed
B.T.S. – Team Track Office