B.T.S. – WSLCo Camp Reynolds Tank Shed

The B.T.S. WSLCo Camp Reynolds Tank Shed is a very nice and very easy to build kit. The easiest kit I have built yet but it is not short on detail. It has a laser cut full interior frame, each wall is a one piece laser cutting. You can build the walls with or without the battens but I think the battens really make the kit. The walls are thin plywood overlays. Overall the kit took maybe two hours to build.

I did have a little trouble with the roof as it wanted to warp after I stained it. I used double-sided tape from Wild West Models to install the roofing and I used left over tarpaper roofing from Wild West Models only because it was already cut to the size I wanted. The kit does include tarpaper that is very similar to what I used. Since it is not yet cut, I figured to save it for somewhere else that might need a different width.

I have not installed the doors yet because I have not yet found hinges that I like for them. A very pleasant kit to build and a great kit if you want to try your hand on a laser kit for the first time.

Full interior framing
Battens and plywood walls
The roof, trying to warp
Stained and double-sided tape applied
Inside of the shed
Checking fit of tarpaper roofing
In place, minus doors
In place

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