I’ve decided that since the Yellow Creek Western will not have many structures, I will add a set of pages for each structure.

When I’m looking for structures, I go out on the web and look for photos of the models. Very few of them, and practically none I end up buying, have any photos other than the manufacturers marketing shots and frequently no shots of the O Scale models.

All of the photos in this section will be O Scale (1:48) of the actual structure as I built it. They may not be of the caliber you are used to seeing on modeling sites but hopefully they will help you to decide if a particular model would work well on your layout. Some of them I have only a few shots as the builds were very easy. For others I have enough photos for something approaching a step-by-step but I will only include a few, at least for now.

I’m going to add the structures one-by-one as time permits and try to give you an idea of how difficult I found the model to build. I’ll also point out modifications I made (if any) and problems I had.

I’ll try to add additional photos as the various models near completion.


(In chronological order)

Banta – Crossing Shanty

Rusty Stumps – Fall Creek Freight Station

Banta – Branchline Water Tower

Stoney Creek – Country Church

B.T.S. – Flagstop Station

Wild West – Don’s Dry Goods

Wild West – Slim’s Shoe Shop

B.T.S. – WSLCo Camp Reynolds Tank Shed

B.T.S. – Team Track Office