The Christmas Train


For its first eight years the Yellow Creek Western Railroad was simply “the Christmas Train.”

In 2001 I had sold all of my model railroad equipment except a Bachmann Colorado & Southern On30 train set, a Bachmann 0-4-2 Porter, a Chivers On30 ventilated boxcar and a MRC power pack. Other than running the Porter or the Mogul back and forth on the track once in a while. I was out of model railroading.

The Bachmann set was dutifully set up and then taken down each Christmas season. I would occasionally run the Porter around the “layout” just to see it run. At some point I built the Chivers boxcar but did not paint it or install the brake wheel or even glue on the roof. I then ran it around the layout with the Porter. I really wasn’t “into” model railroading at the time and almost sold it all several times but in the back of my mind I knew I would regret it if I did. The MRC power pack started to hum occasionally so I switched to the Bachmann power pack for several years but every once in a while the Bachmann power supply would just stop.

Layout, 2003
Layout, 2003

In 2010 I got a “smokin” deal on a set of Bachmann On30 side-dump gondolas. The tree came down after Christmas but the layout somehow stayed up. The Bachmann pack kept getting worse so I finally dug out the old MRC unit only to find out that it was too damaged to use. Eventually I gave up and put it all away but I had decided to get a new power supply for next Christmas.

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