Stoney Creek – Country Church

The Stoney Creek Designs Country Church was the fourth laser kit I started and the fifth I completed.

I spent many weeks off and on looking for a church kit that would fit the location I had for it on the Yellow Creek Western layout. It was the one kit that had to fit a predefined space. I found a fair number of churches but they either didn’t fit the area or I didn’t care for their design. I finally settled on this kit from Stoney Creek. I’m glad I did because it is a wonderfully designed kit.

This will be a much longer entry than most of the other structures because it is also a mini build thread and I made a few modifications to the kit and its build sequence.

The inner box

Let’s start with the inner box. I’ve already deviated from the instructions because Roger has you laminate the outer walls to the inner walls with contact cement before assembly. Remembering vividly my one attempt to contact cement a counter top, I decided to go my own way. I’m sure Roger’s way is better and stronger but I know my limitations.

Inner box structure
The inner box completed, note the laser guides for all of the outer wall sections
Another view of the inner box, very sturdy
The first test fit