Banta – Crossing Shanty

The first wood laser kit I built was this crossing shanty from Banta Modelworks. I needed to see if I had the skills to build a laser kit before I invested in a more elaborate and expensive kit.

The model is very small and goes together easily. No provision is made for later interior detailing but it was actually easy to leave the roof unattached and rely on the gable trim and two homemade rafters to hold the roof in shape.

In the early photos, I had not put additional glue on the roof cap or flashing so they came loose quickly. A little CA fixed them right up.

I still haven’t gone back and finished painting the smoke jack. The only modification I made was to add hinges to the coal bin. I think they added a lot.

I just went back and started to weather the roof with Pan Pastels. I did not finish it however because while I was weathering it I realized that I forgot the top course of shingles and put the last course I did add too high. I will get some more shingles to fix it and then finish the weathering.

Someone recently told me that they thought it was good to hold onto some of your old models so that you can see how much you have progressed. I now see the wisdom in that. Even though I am still pretty new to structure building, the mistakes I made on the crossing shanty probably would not have happened on my later builds.

Since I have backdated the layout to the late 1800s, a crossing shanty in a small town doesn’t make much sense. My current thinking is that the crossing shanty will be repurposed as a telegraph office.

Long shot with Christmas village ceramic depot
Rear right quarter before building the coal bin
Rear view before building the coal bin
Rear, before completion
Rear right quarter, before completion
Finished except for smoke jack and weathering
Long view to show with other structures
Scratch-built “rafters” to help support roof.
Left side view
Front view
Right side view. Note missing course of shingles
Rear view

Other Structures

Rusty Stumps – Fall Creek Station
Banta – Branchline Water Tower
Stoney Creek – Country Church
B.T.S. – Flagstop Station
Wild West – Don’s Dry Goods
Wild West – Slim’s Shoe Shop
B.T.S. – WSLCo Camp Reynolds Tank Shed
B.T.S. – Team Track Office