The Yellow Creek Western RR

The new corporation

Since the Summit Ridge Railroad depot had been sold to other interests and the corporate charter needed to be expanded to include new territories, it was decided to form a new corporation and sell all remaining assets of the SRRR to the newly incorporated Yellow Creek Western Railroad.

Expansion begins

The first order of business for the YCW was to make room for the expansion. The existing layout was removed from the Galant frame and set on my desk temporarily while two eight foot 1×4 L-Girders were built and fastened to the frame.

8 foot L-Girders being screwed to the IKEA Galant frame

Then the layout was set on the girders toward one end, two 1x2s were laid on the open end and two 2×2 foot sheets of one inch foam were set on the open end so that I could start to envision the new space.

The first mockup was to turn one of the yard tracks into a through track as part of a reverse loop. Running trains in my head quickly convinced me that one reverse track is worse than none, at least where I had proposed it.

The original SRRR and two 2×2 foot foam boards laid on 1x2s setting on the L-Girders

After a few weeks of playing with the area I decided that I wanted the layout to be higher. We had designed the height to fit between two shelves of our television rack. That was fine as a display in the living room but was really too low as a dedicated layout. I raised the legs to full height but it was still too low so I cut three 1x6s four feet long and set the layout on those. After the third or fourth time it fell over I screwed the 1x6s to the L-Girders and to the sides of the glued-on 1x2s under the foam board. I cut the first two off to roughly the same profile as the existing layout on the room side but left the third one full length as I am pretty sure that part of the profile will change. The boards are all full length on the backdrop side to allow for possible profile changes. I mounted a scrap of thin plywood under the second and third upright, mounted the old temporary control panel to a couple of scraps of 1×2, screwed the power strip to the frame and added the Zephyr. Now the old layout was back but higher by roughly twelve inches. I also went ahead and removed the track from the yard switch to the end of track in the freight area since, no matter what else was decided, those would be replaced.

The main layout was mounted to 1x6s

Then I moved all of the wiring from the 1x2s or dangling in air and screwed them to the 1x6s since the top and the girders would need to be considered as one piece with just the Galant frame separate.

All of the original wiring was just screwed to the sides of the 1x6s