Wild West – Don’s Dry Goods

Don’s Dry Goods was my first kit from Wild West Models. It is a very nice design. I had a few minor issues that I will mention in the photos but nothing that got in the way of a pleasant build of a very nice kit. This model will not be done for some time to come as I have decided it really needs an interior.

The left and right walls can be reversed to put the stairs on the other side and it comes with several laser cut signs as well.

The walls for this model are quite large and as a result the grain pattern of the wood is fairly visible. If the kit was painted it would not be an issue but I decided to stain the exterior with Wild West’s Smoke and Mirrors “Molly Brown”. I did not heavily pre-stain the walls with black acrylic so I will need to go back and try to hide the grain more effectively before it is done.

The model came with a nice note from Mike and Korie and they even included a small bottle of Alene’s Tacky Glue. Very nice and thoughtful
Everything was bagged and labeled. The instructions are spiral bound. A nice touch
Before I even started to build it, I dry fit the main pieces to see if I could squeeze it into its intended home
It kind of fit but there isn’t much of a road left in front.

The floor and porches

My first modification was to raise the building by putting it up on 4x8s.

I scribed the underside of the floor where it might be possible to view them and stained them
I also scored the ends of the boards to add a little more definition and stained the front and rear porches
I added 4×8 and 2×8 risers under the platform. I stained the center section of the underside platforms very dark for shadows. Note I did not add the 4×8 at the back of one of the stair extensions as I was pretty sure I would be cutting that area off later