B.T.S. – Flagstop Station

I bought and built the Flagstop Station from B.T.S. while the Country Church was on hold. Therefore it was the fifth kit I started and the fourth kit I finished.

This kit was the primary motivation for this section of the site. I had a very hard time finding photographs of an O Scale version of the kit that were big enough to convince me one way or the other on the suitability of the kit for my layout.

It is a fairly easy kit to build but I did find getting the front gable correct a little challenging and, a word of warning, the gable trim does not respond well to any pressure.

It probably took me around twenty hours or so to build it. It is designed so that the roof is removable to allow later detailing. I also left the sides removable so that I can lift the whole structure off of the platform.

I still have to weather the model and probably add an interior, or at least the supplied window shades, but that will wait until that part of the layout nears completion.

The basic building

The platform two pieces glued together. The spacers raise the depot floor to the correct height and the center one also acts as a splice plate
Bottom side of the platform
The sides during initial painting
The platform and depot floor stained
I cut the ends of the planks to help simulate separate boards
Assembly of the sides
I scribed board marks on the underside of the roof sheets
I also scribed the underside of the front gable. If I had it to do again I would have scribed the lines vertically instead of horizontally. I laid it out how I would have built it but having the board ends visible would have looked better on the model