Fairbank, AZ Module II

I went to Las Cruces, NM for a few days just before Memorial Day (May 30th). I planned to stop by the San Pedro River in the area of Fairbank on my way home since I would be passing within 20 miles or so of the site. I was going to get a few GPS readings and photograph the area.

It didn’t happen. Between other committments and the burning desire to get home, by the time I stopped for gas in Willcox, AZ I had decided to not spend another night in a hotel and head straight home.

Here is the sum total of the progress I made on the module during the trip:

San Pedro River

What is it? The San Pedro River at 75 miles/hour from Interstate 10 (looking North away from the Fairbank area) about 25 miles down-river (down-dirt?) from Fairbank.

Till later.

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  1. I stumbeled across your site by accident one day while searching for something unrelated. It caught my attention because I love model trains, but have never owened one other than the lionel set I got as a kid. I considered building a layout with my then seven year old son, and even got as far as building the benchwork. It was going to be based on Fairbanks as the mainline town, with a branch to Ft. Huachuca and a nearby ranch (stockyard). I could not find any activity on your site that was dated after 2005. If you are still working on your layout, please reply as I am interested in it progress.

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