Originally this site was a blog about ideas for modular modeling. It quickly evolved to include various rambling about the never-to-be-built Tombstone & Quaymas Railroad my ideas for a sectional and modular layout in On30.

As time went by I ended up building a small Christmas village layout as my only model railroad. When I realized that my interest and enthusiasm tended to go in waves, I decided to document the Christmas village layout as a way to help me fill the valleys between the peaks. The web site was offline at that time so it was strictly for me to try to not just stop model railroading altogether.

I have recently brought the site back online since I am changing and expanding the Christmas village. This is to help me to stay on track, hopefully get a little input to improve my skills and maybe give a little back.

The railroads here currently represent two ideas. The first was the Tombstone and Quaymas. It is mothballed and nothing was ever built. The second is on its third name. First it was the Christmas train. Then the Summit Ridge Railroad and now the Yellow Creek Western. To make it more readable, I have gone back to the massive text dump on that layout and broken it into three parts, one for each stage of the layout.

The Railroads

(In chronological order)

The Tombstone and Quaymas Railroad
The Christmas Train
The Summit Ridge Railroad
The Yellow Creek Western