Welcome to my train blog. I have been an active arm-chair model railroader since the mid-1960s. I’m interested primarily in modular/portable display type layouts. I have worked, well planned and started to implement at least, in HO scale, N scale and O scale/On30 gauge. The only layout before the current one was a German-themed N Scale layout on an old door. It was crude to say the least, nothing more than track and some buildings with no scenery. Currently I work in On30.

This site was originally started in May of 2005 and was active for just a few months. It was kept live for a year or so and then archived to a private server. I have planned on deleting it several times over the years but, obviously, I didn’t. I started to add information on the Summit Ridge Railroad in July of 2014, more to document it for myself than any other reason. Once I put in the information that brought that layout current, I mothballed the site again in December of 2016.

It is now one of the ways I am planning to use to keep myself involved in model railroading as I tend to work at it for a few months and then put it all away for several years. Mainly the problem is I am a lone wolf modeler and it is hard to keep the interest up without someone egging me on. I hope that someone will find something of interest on this site and egg me on.

The Tombstone & Quaymas RR was my plan for a section of a modular layout back when I was active in the On30 module area. I never built it and eventually figured out that I probably never would build it. That “layout” is on hold, probably terminally.

Most of the blog posts deal with some modular concepts that I never pursued or the Tombstone & Quaymas RR that is mothballed. New posts will be about whatever I am currently focused on.

The current working name for the layout is the Yellow Creek Western but that is subject to change as I have not decaled any equipment yet.

I am rearranging the sections. The layout is now divided into a section on each version of the layout under the Railroads heading. I have added a section for Structures where I am putting some information on each kit that hopefully will help someone that is undecided about a particular kit. I am planning on adding a section on Equipment later, after I build a few more pieces.

I hope you enjoy my site.