The Yellow Creek Western RR

Yellow Creek starts to grow

Every time I would look at the layout I would think about its operational deficiencies. The main ones were: the short freight area, which I was fixing; no passing tracks and no way to turn a locomotive, let alone a train. The prospect of pulling up rail and realigning it doesn’t appeal to me either. I kept considering chucking the existing layout and starting fresh. I have too much of an emotional bond with this layout to do that. My wife and I designed it together and continue to. After many months of back and forth, I will extend this layout but not replace it.

My wife fully supports my hobby and has offered me any room in the house if I want it. I may do that later but right now I like the size of this layout. I feel it is obtainable to finish it. I also realize that I can always build another one later, after my skills improve.

I found another structure that I wanted to add although, unlike the church and depot, it doesn’t really fit. I bought Don’s Dry Goods from Wild West Models and dry fit it in its intended location. The hope is that if I remove the rock from behind it the area in front will look okay for the street.

The dry goods store location test

I decided to add an interior to the dry goods store so it progresses a little at a time while I collect other structures and work out a “final” track plan. I bought another Wild West Models structure, Slim’s Shoe Shop which is just about the smallest believable old west style building I have seen. I also bought the Camp Reynolds Tank Shed and the Team Track Office from BTSRR. Both nice easy kits with great detail.

Testing preliminary locations for small structure and the shed

While I was finishing those three structures I started to collect some 1800s figures, some from Aspen, some from Grandt Line and the rest from Knuckleduster Miniatures. I’ll need a lot more but I wanted to start to get the “feel” of Yellow Creek before I decided on the new trackage and scenery.


Adding the shed (minus its doors) to the service track area

The church now completed except for landscape and final weathering