The Yellow Creek Western RR

The YCW gets a depot

While I was building the church I found a suitable depot, the Flagstop Station from BTSRR. The church was on hold pending a few design decisions and awaiting a lumber delivery of dimensional 3x3s so I started the station. This is another nice kit that is not very challenging. I painted up the walls and dry fit them to check its location on the layout. Not bad but not great either. It was almost entirely hidden behind the mini-mountain when viewed straight on.

Dry fit of the depot to check overall layout

I figured that by removing the parking lot timbers I could move the depot a little further to the left. It was better but still not great.

Removal of the parking lot moved the depot further left which improved its looks some but not enough

When I looked at the picture above, it occurred to me that it looked like the depot would basically slide into the landscape cuts left by the removal of the timbers. It fit like I had made it for the depot and improved the looks considerably.

Looks okay

A three car train at the depot

I put the Bachmann 36 foot passenger cars on to see how it looked. It actually isn’t too bad but out on the mainline…

I decided I liked it well enough that I went ahead and finished the depot as designed except for final details and weathering which will wait until I start to blend it in the scenery.

Awaiting final siting for weathering and additional details