The Yellow Creek Western RR

The town begins

I was checking every manufacturer I could find for structures that might work on the new YCW. I finally found a church that seemed like it was designed for the YCW. It is the Country Church from Stoney Creek Designs, a beautifully designed and engineered structure. After I built the inner structure of the church I test fit it to its assigned location. It is the one structure that had a pre-assigned location. It fit but it still needed the siding, the front steps and the rear shed. It would be close.

Test fit of the church location

Test fit of the church

I also built the coal bin for the crossing shanty and relocated the water tower to the short siding which was now a service track.

Relocation of the water tower to the new service track

I continued to build the church and was a little concerned with its depth. It looked like it would fit but it would be really close. It fit perfectly, right to the edge of the layout when aligned with the fence.

Test fit of the full structure

This is what the layout looked like at this point.

Overview of “the plan” up to this point