The Yellow Creek Western RR

The land grab

I decided I wanted more vertical separation on the layout so I cut a one inch foam board to roughly 4×5 feet and set it on 1×4 crossbeams. Then I started to play around with possible profiles. I know I would like to fit in a creek if possible.

The tracks back to the yard switch were removed and the expansion area was set on 1x4s to allow for elevation changes

At about this time I also purchased our first new structure for the YCW, a Banta Modelworks Branchline Water Tower. It is the smallest one I could find that did not look too backwoodsy. It went together very easily although it is still not finished and won’t be until it is finally sited.

The partial built water tower in its initial location

I started to try different locations for the namesake Yellow Creek between the freight station and whatever is across the creek. This is one possible place but, if I can fit it in, it will be between the freight station and the beyond.

One possible location for Yellow Creek

Then I started to play with the alignment of the freight yard. It will probably be three stub tracks that end near the back edge of the layout.

Possible alignment of the expanded freight facilities