Stoney Creek – Country Church

The bell

As designed, the bell is supposed to be mounted to the headstock with a steel wire glued into the bell and headstock.

I wanted to have the nuts so prevalent on old bells to be visible. That was the main reason I left the steeple supports long.

Hollowed out with a number 11 blade

I also wanted to use a single rope with gator hole through the pulley rather than have both ends of the rope route over the pully and down into the church.

Fitting rope through gator hole and tying off

Completed pulley test fit to bell tower

A 00-90 hole was tapped into the bell and a 00-90 screw inserted

The screw head was ground off and two 00-90 nuts attached

Fill piece being added to the headstock

Headstock drilled and bell assembly test fit in bell tower

Another view of the test fit

Bell surface primed with black

Bell painted bronze and fitted to supports

Another view

Another view showing rope routing