An Experimental Module

Several weeks ago I commited to build a module. No big news there right? After all if I write about portability then building a module should be expected. There are a few wrinkles with this particular committment however.

First the module standard I am building to is as-yet unpublished. It is a new standard with a few sections still under final review within the group that is developing it.

Second, since I won’t have any modules to connect with it, it will be shipped to Canada for testing (I live in Arizona). This means it must be light and extra rugged. It also must have dimensions that take into account shipping tariffs.

I am in the process of designing a modular railroad named the Tombstone and Guaymas Railroad so I decided to build a piece of that layout for this module. So far I have decided that the module will center around a bridge across the San Pedro River at the site of (now a Ghost Town) Fairbank, AZ. Since my layout is in the 1880s era, Fairbank will still be a thriving town.

I’ll keep you posted as it progresses (or doesn’t).

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