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Un-OOPS Round 2

Well, it appears that my accidental fix was just that, an accident. For some reason the RSS stopped working again just as mysteriously as it started working.

I have upgraded the site to WordPress Hopefully, now the RSS will stay working.


Well, it appears that the RSS feeds are working again, although I don’t have a clue what I did to fix them. I remember finding a missing semicolon in some script I was working on but I don’t remember which script it was or if it was even associated with the problem. I just saw a mistake and fixed it without really thinking about it.

Just to make it interesting, I went to the WordPress site a few minutes ago and discovered that there was a problem with the RSS feeds in 1.5.1 and that is now available that fixes the feeds and a few other problems.

I guess I will install the upgrade but I think I’ll wait a few days.

WordPress is great software with a terrific team developing and maintaining the code. I love it and don’t mind the occasional blooper in the least. If this was commercial software, we wouldn’t see the fix for months, if ever.


When I started Trains of Thought, I set it up on a test server at home. It was designed using WordPress 1.50 and the theme Jakarta by Jose Mulia. I decided to take the site live the same day that WordPress 1.5.1 was released.

Instead of taking the site live and then upgrading it, I decided to build the site with 1.51 and then load up the data.

Anyway, during testing the RSS feeds worked fine. Yesterday I was going to tell a friend how to use the RSS feeds only to discover they are broken.

I will fix them as soon as possible and let you know when they work again. Sorry for the inconvenience.