B.T.S. – Flagstop Station

The roof – Part 2

All that was left was to install the trim pieces between the gable trim already installed.

Roof trim added

Roof trim added. Note breaks in gable trim. Be careful it is fragile. I will touch it up when I buy some more gap-filling CA

Rear roof trim

Freight end. The one gable trim I did not break


In place

In place

In place



Waiting for passengers

Other Structures

Banta – Crossing Shanty
Rusty Stumps – Fall Creek Freight Station
Banta – Branchline Water Tower
Stoney Creek – Country Church
Wild West – Don’s Dry Goods
Wild West – Slim’s Shoe Shop
B.T.S. – WSLCo Camp Reynolds Tank Shed
B.T.S. – Team Track Office