Stoney Creek – Country Church

The bell tower and steeple – Part 1

I started to assemble the bell tower and steeple.

The bell tower floor, the steeple floor and the steeple

The bell tower floor painted with the bell supports installed, the steeple floor painted and the parts for the bell pulley wheel

The bell pully wheel during assembly

The completed bell headstock and pulley wheel and the bell

At this point I got to the first of several decision points for the model. The church has a scale 42″ bell which puts it into the 1500 pound category. Pretty heavy. I kept thinking about that weight over the main roof and basically stopped building the kit until I decided what I wanted to do. I also needed some 3×3 dimensional lumber for the bell tower trim so I set it all aside for a while and built another kit.

While I was waiting I thought of different approaches. I thought about adding to the front of the church and moving the bell tower there. It wouldn’t fit my space. I thought about moving the bell to the front edge of the church as an extension of the front wall. I almost built that version.

Bell tower aligned to front wall, a little putty and it would look like it was designed that way

The problem was that it made the short depth of the church more apparent. I finally decided to build it as designed.

Underside of the bell tower

I made the roof supports 1/8″ higher than called for, just in case. The puttied steeple is in the background

Test fitting the roof/steeple floor. It warped quite a bit but I was able to salvage it

The almost finished bell tower, the pulley and headstock, the steeple floor, the trim ring for the cross and the bell

Dry fit of the headstock and pulley to the bell tower

At this point I had some more decisions to make.