The Summit Ridge Railroad

Merry Christmas!


When the Christmas decorations came down, the Summit Ridge RR managed to escape unscathed on its plot of real estate in the living room. For several months I puttered off and on with the village. I sculptamolded the “mountain”, added a hill in the open area in front of the switch leading down to the rail yard, stained most of the rest of the rock castings and added bump stops (basswood “ties”). I also added a dozen or so more commercial trees (JTT and Grand Central).

Somewhere around April or May, we decided the layout really needed to be put away until next Christmas. The problem was that when I added the trees and the flex track I had greatly compromised the storability of the layout. The servos were especially vulnerable since there was no fascia to protect them. I thought I would like to continue to putter at the layout so the garage was out, just way too hot most of the year. We pulled the layout off of the Galant frame and carted both pieces into a corner of my office and then reattached the top. It was very easy and with a little more work, the layout would be storable as planned.