The Summit Ridge Railroad


The layout sat unused, again, for the remainder of 2014, 2015 and early 2016. In October of 2016, I redecorated the office a little bit and we moved the layout to the other wall. Something about its new location got my MRR juices flowing again.

I bought and built a GC Laser produce truck bed insert for one of the Athearn Model A trucks. It is a bit challenging due to the size of the parts but it is well engineered and certainly added a nice detail point on the layout.

I also pulled out the Fall Creek Depot and started building it. It was built using Bragdon weathering powders for the paint. It is a very easy build with great parts fit and instructions. I built it on a 1/32″ birch-ply base since it needs to be removable. Since a Christmas Village has to have lit buildings, I worked on the interior lighting. I finally decided, much later, to not worry about lighting until I get better at other aspects of structure building. Here are some progress shots. All of the freight in the pictures came with the kit!

Other than adding the corbels and end trim to the freight station, that is how the layout looked for the remainder of 2016. I was running the layout much more often however.